Jeremy Lin Has a Date With Kim Kardashian?

Buzz Feed – According to the most reliable website on the Internet (the infallible MediaTakeOut), Kim Kardashian’s publicist arranged a date for her with Knicks point guard and overnight sensation Jeremy Lin. This is all according to a friend of the E! reality star. A date with Kim? I think this means you are officially an NBA player. It’s just probationary until she signs off on it.

Kim Lin? Julia Gulia? This is the stupidest non-story-piece-of-made-up-crap I’ve ever heard. Our boy Lin went to Harvard, you think he’s gonna waste his time with a piece of trash like Kim Kardashian? Not a chance in hell. Stamp that with a LobShots guarantee. In fact, I guarantee Jeremy Lin, err… Jerry Lin of the New York Giants… goes out with this chick before he goes out with Kim Kardashian.

Misinformed Chick Really Wants A Date With Jeremy Lin

Yes, I know that’s fake. More realer-er than Kim K. though. Hotter too. Ay-oh!


[solid lob from laura…]

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