This Fan Needs to Enroll at SDSU Stat…


(Photo:Hal Yeager/Birmingham News)

So, I tweeted a picture of this cat earlier…but since then, a few lobsters have lobbed it up, and it’s gone viral, so I figured I’d post the picture. Kid’s name is Jack Blankenship, an Alabama freshman. Read all about it here. First off… who the freak does this? It’s brilliant. I make stupid faces. How ’bout I make one a giant cardboard cutout of my stupid face, then make the face I’m holding up? Done. More importantly, I’m just pissed that as this thing’s gone viral…clever as it is… and nobody’s giving The Show props for being the student section to come up with the giant cutout heads. That’s bush. Time to give the SDSU student section some credit, internet. Viva The Show!


[lobbed by Van Diesel, Sammy, Jeff, and Ernie]

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