Dude Tries to Rob a San Diego Gas Station With a Light Bulb

Give me all your money!” “No.

How ’bout now?” “No.”

SAN DIEGO — A man armed with a light bulb tried and failed to rob a Hillcrest gas station Monday night.

The thief walked into the Shell station on Washington Street near 4th Avenue just before 11 p.m., San Diego police said.

He took out the florescent bulb, smashed it on the desk and demanded cash, police said. The clerk refused to hand over any money and the would-be robber walked away.

The man was described as Latino, about 30 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall and skinny wearing a gray sweater and light pants, police said.

Tell ya what… the Hispanic Hoodie Bandit is losing his touch. A light bulb? Bush.


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