Happy Birthday To My Boys!

What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t put up whatever the hell you want? That’s me with a bunch of my boys hanging out in NYC for a Padres roadtrip to the Bronx a few years back. Circled on the left is Jondou. Today is his birthday. A leap year baby. Pretty sure it’s his 8th birthday. Poor kid hasn’t even had 10 birthdays yet. Circled on the right (and flipping off the camera) is the Ry-dogg. Yesterday was his birthday. Two of my favorite people. Love them both…both faithful lobsters, and they deserve a shout-out.

Happy birthday, boys.

**updated per the request of one of the birthday boys in the comments section**

showman gripping the pink shirt guy. gray mustache for days.


[hey showman… see that hat you’re wearing? remember that? it was my hat. you left it in nyc. don’t think buying me a new one made me forget]

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