“No Happy Endings” for ESPN’s Headline Department

You…have…GOT! to be kidding me. Hines Ward is an American. Hines Ward was born in South Korea to a Korean mother and African American father. This makes Hines Ward an Asian American. That makes the above headline almost unthinkable. It’s since been changed to this:

Literally cannot believe that, fresh off the Jeremy Lin “Chink in the Armor” headline debacle, these guys let this one slide. Will everybody get it? No. Is it as offensive? No… it’s a bit of a stretch. If you don’t know why that’s an awful headline. Google away. Regardless, it’s absolutely insane to me that this could slide through. I, of course, don’t believe this was done with malicious intent… it was just an accident. Still…

ESPN, I would like to offer up my services to you. For a small fee per headline, I will review every headline you put up regarding any athlete with any Asian decent descent. Upon my review, if deemed appropriate, I will push the headline through. No more problems for you guys. I am very keen to pick up on these sorts of things and very sensitive to other cultures. I’m confident I’m the right guy for this job. The Orientals love me.


[via Awful Announcing]

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