Here’s Hoping Philip Rivers Can Emulate Ryan Fitzpatrick…

Git yur hair did! That’s Ryan Fitzpatrick’s hair. He is the Buffalo Bills quarterback. He did that when he heard that Stevie Johnson, his favorite WR was signed to a contract extension worth $36.25 million over five years. I’d be pumped too. Now, with today’s 1pm deadline for Chargers to franchise tag Vincent Jackson, (which is highly, highly unlikely) fresh on the minds of fans, it’d be nice to see P. Riv do this for VJ. You know, if by some miracle, AJ slaps a tag on him, or they can agree to a long term deal. Better yet… Rivers has until March 13 (that’s when VJ becomes a free agent) to grab some clippers and shave “Sign VJ to a long-term deal or I quit” into his head, and march into AJ’s office. Hey, Rivers’ backing of Norval worked… why not VJ?


[Fitz pic via Mike Freeman twitter]

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