The Real Life Wolfman is a Regular Don Juan…

(Image Credit: Courtesy Danny Ramos Gomez)

ABC News’ Jasmine Brown reports: He may be hairy, but he has a way with the ladies.

People call Danny Ramos Gomez ”the wolfman.” He has a condition called hypertrichosis, which causes his body to produce an abnormal amount of hair. He has always looked this way.

At a young age, Gomez and his brother Larry, who also has the condition, were exhibited in a circus side show as “wolf children.” Gomez still works in the circus, performing daredevil feats on the trapeze and trampoline.

Betty Tampa, one of Gomez’s closest friends, said that people still react to him differently and often insult him because of his appearance. “They perceive him as a wolf — actually as a person from another world — and they insult him,” said Tampa. “They say things to him and they howl at him.”

But Gomez’s hairy chest and face have not hindered him romantically.

Lucy, an ex-girlfriend Gomez was with for six years, said that she found his hair to be quite sexy. She said her favorite feature was his eyes, but what made her fall in love with him was his personality.

“He’s very noble,” said Lucy. “He’s very affectionate. He’s a very good person.”

Gomez has a daughter from a relationship before Lucy. He has a new girlfriend, named Hilda. Aside from the occasional trim at the barbershop, he has not changed his hair, despite how easily he could look more normal by waxing or shaving.

“I don’t think I will ever change it,” Gomez said. “That’s the way they love me. That’s how they will always love me. Imagine if I changed my face — who would know who I am?”

So the ladies love the wolfman, huh? How is this still shocking to people?

Hair for days.


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