Meet Ben, My New Favorite Person

That’s Ben. Ben is on eBay. Ben is selling his bleached mohawk on eBay. Here is the description: “i am selling my mohawk so that i can buy a new computer.  it is not colored.  it is only bleached.  i am mixed and readhead runs in the family.  sale includes video of me shaving it off.  and i will then directly bag it.  it comes as is.  slightly used and is still on my head atm.” Here is the screenshot: Click to enlarge.

Readhead runs in his family, so don’t even try to say it doesn’t. It comes as is. Good to know. Doesn’t look slightly used… looks mint condition to me. What’s ‘atm‘ you ask? At the moment, kids. Get hip. Oh, so I don’t forget. Big props to Ben for not throwing a shirt on for this pic. Gotta keep it real. There you have it. A bargain of a deal. Don’t even think about bidding the low of $499 either, by the time I post this… it’ll probably have already been lifted for the low “buy it now” price of $2,000. Get after it, lobsters. Full listing here. Can’t put a price-tag on ‘one of a kind.’


[lobbed by Mac]

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