Some British ForEx Trading Wiz Dropped $320,381 at a Night Club?

Some hot-shot British ForEx trader is dropping this kinda cash at a night club? I’m not gonna even bother getting into the whole story, which you can find here. I’m just gonna call B.S. There’s no way this is real. No way. I mean… you see what he bought 42 of for only £3.00 a pop? Those are WAAAAAAAY more expensive than that. If you’re still trying to figure it out the whole $320,381 headline vs. the £203,948.80 on the tab… that little symbol tells the story. Pounds… conversion rates… that kinda stuff. Wait, they don’t use Euros? I no longer have any clue what I’m talking about…

**UPDATE – this is the bottle he bought for £125,000 next to a regular 750ML champagne bottle. It’s the equivalent of 40 regular champagne bottles, weighing over 100lbs. (h/t Caster) **


[lobbed by Mac]

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