The Black Masked Mamba

(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

As everybody knows by now, Kobe went from a clear mask to a black mask last night. The black mask didn’t work out so hot, since the Lake Show lost to the Pistons.

Prior to the game, reporter Mike Trudell explained the switch:

Bryant actually had three new masks made in Detroit — by the maker of Richard Hamilton’s masks — that he tried on at the team’s shootaround on Tuesday morning, and the black one was simply the most comfortable of the five (including the two he already had), according to athletic trainer Gary Vitti.

All they do is lose on the road though. Either way, just as folks did with the clear mask… photoshop lovers will make the best of Kobe’s changing face. Here are a few of both:

This last one is the twitter avatar of Bomani Jones.

Wait, is that Lamar Odom?


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