How Depressing is The ESPN Vincent Jackson Headline Photo?

Well, that picture is depressing. See how happy he looks? *Poof* Gone. I hate it. I get it, but I hate it. He’s waving to me, by the way… “Goodbye, bp. Goodbye Qualcomm. Goodbye fans. I’ll miss you.”

Sure, we knew the day was coming… a sad day for Chargers fans. The Bolts just have too many holes to fill to match a five-year, $55.55 million deal that the Bucs gave to Vincent Jackson. He will be missed. Tell ya what though… he will miss Philip Rivers… a lot. Josh Freeman is no P. Riv. and Mike Williams isn’t the tandem deep threat that Malcom Floyd was either. That said… I think VJ will do great in Tampa and I’m stoked for him. He is freaking good and deserved to get paid. Good luck, VJ…and goodbye. I hope to still run into you at Shore Club from time to time, where you once spotted Mac (who is 6’3″) across the bar, and picked him up off the ground like he was a 4 year old and gave him a bear hug. Yeah, we’ll miss that.

Side note: I like that his towel in that photo is sponsored by “cat”.


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