Is Robert Meachem Going to be the Chargers Superman?

I mean, this isn’t too much to expect out of the Chargers newest WR Robert Meachem, right? Four years and $25.9 million with $14 million in guarantees… better be super. Kidding aside, I love this signing. He’s not VJ, but he’ll be great alongside of Floyd. I think he’ll push Vincent Brown to be better too. Couple of fun facts about Meachem from wiki, “Meachem was also a point guard on his high school basketball team, which won back to back state titles in 2001 and 2002.” Also, “On December 6, 2009, after Kareem Moore of the Washington Redskins intercepted Drew Brees, Meachem tore the ball out of Moore’s grasp and ran it for a touchdown. In the same game, Meachem caught a 53-yard touchdown pass with 1:19 left in regulation, tying the game at 30. The Saints won 33-30 in overtime to improve to 12-0” That’s freaking awesome.


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