I Already Miss Mike Tolbert

I’m really sad about Tolbert. He was one of my favorite Chargers. Such a fun dude. Incredible end zone dances… a fantastic compliment to Ryan Mathews. I was pretty shocked to hear that he actually accepted an offer that was about $1 million less than what the Chargers offered him. Panthers 1, Chargers 0.

Remember that feeling you had in your stomach when the Bolts didn’t re-sign Michael Turner? You just knew he was going to go on and be a total badass for a few years. Well, I don’t have that exact same feeling for Tolbert, as Burner was better than he is… but as a player… I will miss him more. For his sake, I hope he kills it with the Panthers. Then, when he’s done there, I hope you go on Dancing with the Stars.

I’m gonna miss you Kool-Aid Man.


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