I’m Shocked the Broncos Chose the Jets Over The Lake Elsinore Storm

Lake Elsinore, CA – The California League Champions Lake Elsinore Storm would like to be the first team to offer the Denver Broncos a trade for Tim Tebow.

“We’re not sure about Tim’s baseball past,” said Storm Vice President/General Manager Chris Jones, “but we are sure he could bring some of that Tebow magic to Lake Elsinore and would be a great addition to our ballclub.”

The Storm have started a grassroots campaign to let the Broncos know how serious they are with #TebowToTheStorm.

Now that the Broncos have signed Peyton Manning, Tebow will likely be heading to the bench or to another team, and the Storm will offer a great package to keep Broncos executive John Elway thinking about sending Tebow to Lake Elsinore.

“We know that Tim was the cause for late-game comebacks in Denver and we have our own leader of rallies, the Rally Cop. We would like to offer the Broncos the Rally Cop as well as the Grounds Crew Gorilla, winner of an MiLB Golden Bobble head last season, in exchange for Tebow,” said Jones.

The Storm will also be willing to rename the stadium Elway Stadium if the Broncos are willing to accept the offer.

Other than the help the Storm hope Tebow can provide on the field, they have other reasons for attempting this trade. On July 13, the Storm will host their 8th annual Night of Fellowship and treat fans to a night of baseball, faith, fireworks and Tebowing. On this night, the team will attempt to set the world record for the largest group of people Tebowing at Storm Stadium.

Man… those clowns over in Lake Elsinore might be even worse than me at photoshop. Love the idea. Love minor league baseball. Love the Padres. Hate the Broncos. Pissed they took the Jets offer over the Storm. Nice try, guys.


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