Well, Look Who’s on MSNBC

I mean, are we famous now? Big time? We’re on MSNBC because we’re talking about Anthony Davis’ unibrow.

I guess it’s nothing to be that proud of, but whatever. I didn’t even create that Angry Birds Anthony Davis mockup, I gave credit in the original post. Maybe it’s something I shouldn’t* be proud of at all, just ashamed of? Maybe not. If anybody should be ashamed, it should the folks over at KMBC.com and MSNBC because they didn’t even take a screenshot of LobShots… just a camera phone picture they uploaded. So weird. Whatever, I’m not complaining… but, if Kate Upton proposing to me… or Life & Style magazine accusing me threating to kill Kim Kardashian… didn’t make us famous, I guess this doesn’t either. As you were…


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