Congrats to Kentucky, You Lost Me a Few Hundred Bucks

Such is life, right? I’m sad for Thomas Robinson and the Kansas kids… always sad for the losing team. I’m sad I didn’t win money too. But, congrats to the Kentucky players. Well deserved. You guys were the best all year. I offer you no such congrats, Calipari. You’re a cheater. (this is my opinion, I have no proof of this. my opinon could be wrong. to me, too much smoke to be no fire. sorry kentucky fans, specifically alex. like i said, he hasn’t officially been caught cheating. my opinion only. i’m wrong all the time. happy?) Anthony Davis’ unibrow, his go-go gadget arms, and his Mickey Mouse sized paws, only scored six points in the game. Only made one shot from the field…and he still got the most outstanding player of the game. How’s that work, you ask? Well, then you didn’t watch the game. He finished with 16 rebounds, six blocks, five assists and three steals. Here’s another angle of that blocked shot up top. Good grief, that’s impressive.

Those six blocks he had… were more like 56 blocks. Not shots he actually touched, but shots he altered, causing Kansas to miss. It was unreal. Dominated the game. Where’s the line in the box score that shows where he came flying out of the box at the end of the game when Kentucky only up by 6 causing the Kansas kid to travel instead of draining a three, making it a one possession game? That was big. Real big.

I love Anthony Davis… I’ve joked around about his unibrow a ton here on LobShots… which is no biggie because he jokes about it too. Embraces it. But, man… first order of business for when he gets a giant NBA contract: braces.



[images via @jose3030, teeth via Robert Littal]

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