The Mick and His Beer

Source: Art RickerbyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Yesterday I posted the above photo of The Mick to honor Opening Day. At the end, I added “Is he crushing a can of beer? Did an amazing photo just get more amazing?” Just like that, Caster, lobster extraordinaire, sent me a photo with this to say, “don’t mean to brag, but i recognized Iron City label the sec i saw it.  pittsburgh beer.  blue collar pop from a blue collar town.  what can i say, i’m a man of the people.  just wasn’t sure why Mick was poundin’ that brand…til i read the caption.” The caption, of course, states that the Mick had just hit two jacks in the 1960 World Series… in Pittsburgh. I love the internet. Click to enlarge.

I wonder what the Red Sox front office will think?


[original photo lobbed by Mac. beer can lobbed by Caster]

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