Bobby Petrino: The King of all Dirtbags

I, like many of you, have been following this Bobby Petrino case since the news of his motorcycle accident broke. Literally reads like a horrible, horrible soap opera. This guy is a first-class dirtbag.

Here’s the Reader’s Digest version: Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino, giant douchebag, got in a motorcycle accident, said he was alone and wasn’t wearing a helmet. Report came out that he called his cop buddy instead of 911 and he had some hot little 25 year old blonde, Jessica Dorrell, riding on the bike with him. She turned out to be an employee of the football program, that he hired a couple weeks earlier, out of 159 applicants. She got the job because they were boinking even though he’s married with four kids, and she’s engaged to be married to the school’s Director of Swimming and Diving Operations, Josh Morgan. Once all the lies came out, Petrino got fired… and since then, Jessica’s husband no longer has his job either, and we all found out that Petrino had given her $20,000 in cash. For what? Who knows. Now, the entire state of Arkansas is depressed, and multiple families lives are ruined.

Like I said, horrible soap opera. If you want to read up on all the details and rumors and dirt, The Big Lead has been pretty incredible in their constant coverage of this mess…and it is a mess. Go check it out. Or don’t… because it’s depressing. I hope Petrino never gets hired to coach again… but he will, because he wins. Again, depressing.


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