Tupac is Alive

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As you’ve probably seen by now… Tupac, the hologram, performed at Coachella. My mind can’t even comprehend all this. I wasn’t sure how to react. Is this disrespectful? Is this a poor use of technology? Do I hate it? Do I like it? Neither. I LOVE IT. It’s nothing short of amazing. When they break out into “Americaz Most Wanted” at Coachella… literally got the chills.

I immediately started thinking about all the hologram concerts I want to go to next. When do I get to go see a Tupac v. Biggie rap battle? How ’bout an N.W.A show with Eazy? I mean, how amazing would it be to bring Keith Richards back from the dead for a Rolling Stones show? When’s the Led Zeppelin show? They’re not really Zeppelin without Bonham. Grateful Dead? The Beatles? Jimi? Bring Bradley back to lead Sublime. Freddy FREAKIN’ Mercury!!

I want to see the crowd video of the people old enough to know who Tupac was and that he’s been dead 15 years. Trying to keep up with all the young hippies, you know they were high as a kite on X and had no clue that Pac was a hologram. Best. Hallucination. EVER.


[lobbed by Body, Fulk, and Mac]

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