Is Cromartie Having Twins or Not?

So, Cromartie’s girl, Terrika Cason, has been super shady on twitter, accepting congrats, saying that twins run in her family, etc… causing some big sites to report that she’s preggers with Cro’s 11th and 12th kids. Twin buns in the oven. She still hasn’t come right out and said she is pregnant though, and neither has he, via twitter. I have no clue if she’s just messing with people because of all the rumors of a reality show for his 10 kids, or if they’ve really got a couple more kids on the way. Who knows.

Here’s what I do know… if this is true, if Cro has twins on the way, there’s only one thing he can do going forward. This might sound a bit harsh, but I’ve thought long and hard about alternative solutions…there just aren’t any. He has to cut off his dick. End of story.


[lobbed by King, Showman, Body and a few others I think]

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