Who Wins the Mugshot Battle? Deion vs. Pilar Sanders


Pretty tough call, right? I mean… as far as mugshots go, Pilar looks really freaking good. Then again, so does Deion. What we do know for sure… is that they’re both batshit crazy. If you’ve been living under a rock today… apparently Pilar came into Deion’s house and attacked him, with the kids in the house. Here’s his tweet.

Along with what’s supposedly a photo of him and his kids filling out police reports.

Seems pretty functional. I can’t keep up. She’s suing him, he’s blasting her over twitter. Their kids are all tweeting crap back and forth… I just don’t have the energy to care. It’s friggin’ sad. I hope they both get a shrink and just work out their problems without publicly mocking each other, because it’s just depressing to watch.

This is how I want to remember Prime Time… not all this crap.

Oh, one last thing… see the description for Pilar Sanders under ‘ethnicity’? “Non Hispanic”? What the hell is that all about? I’m non Hispanic too, but I’m pretty sure they’d file me under Caucasian or White or Cracker or something. Non Hispanic? “We don’t know what you are, but we know what you’re not.” That how it works? So bizarre.



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