Kyle Blanks’ Shoulder

UT-SD -Outfielder-first baseman Kyle Blanks underwent surgery Tuesday afternoon to repair the posterior labrum in his left shoulder.

The surgery was performed at Scripps Clinic Carmel Valley by three Padres team physicians – Drs. Heinz Hoenecke, Jan Fronek and Daniel Keefe.

Blanks, 25, is expected to miss the remainder of the season with his second major operation in less than three years. Blanks had elbow reconstruction surgery in 2010.

So, the giant man that is the 88 Train had that shoulder surgery we’ve all been waiting for… sad to see him out for the season. Now we can wait in suspense for a creative tattoo to be blended in with his new scar once it heals. Here’s the tat he got on his Tommy John scar.



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