Sarah Phillips Has Me Questioning Everything and Everybody

image via Deadspin

This is just friggin’ nuts. Watching this Sarah Phillips story unfold on the web and twitter over the past 18 hours or so has blown my mind. If you don’t know the story… head over to Deadspin to check it out. If you’re not savvy to the internet machine or twitter or sports media, it’s a long read that might be tough to follow, but hey, you’re here…you’re smart, you’re a lobster, you can do it. Once you’ve done that… head over to this Nilsen Report. The plot thickens. Then read her series of tweets after the Deadspin story blew up twitter and the web, and how she apparently buys twitter accounts and runs them, including @OhWonka. All of it is just baffling to me. I’m so fascinated and intrigued by this… it’s at an unhealthy level. I can’t get enough. I want to know more and more. It’s crazy. The irony of it, is that one of her tweets to me suggested I was “out of my mind”. I guess she’s a prophet too, because her story has driven me there.

This story has layers and layers and layers and every hour that passes, another story is gonna pop up about a scam or interaction that somebody had with her. I will read all of it. I mean, this is ESPN we’re talking about that got scammed. The worldwide leader. If they can get hoodwinked by her, anybody can get hoodwinked by anybody. I’m left questioning everything. This week, I’ve had multiple people approach me about advertising on LobShots… now, I’m scared to deal with any of them. I just know I’m getting scammed. I got an email this morning with about a promotional partnership for Chargers tailgates next season. I’m scared to death to even open the email and click on the links. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

Sarah Phillips, whoever she is, at the time of this post, is following 4 people on twitter… along with about 66,000 followers. Thanks to Deadspin’s investigative report, that follower count is growing by the second. Awhile back, she followed us.

Not gonna lie… felt pretty cool to have an ESPN columnist with a crap load of followers, following us when she was only following 253 others. After the report came out, she unfollowed everybody. Whatever. Not a big deal, but all of it just trips me out.

I just don’t know who or what to believe…what’s true…what’s fake? Can’t wait for more updates. Until then, you’ve all been put on notice. I don’t trust anyone anymore…


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