Dear San Diego, Thanks to Uber, Your Life Just Got Better

What’s Uber, you ask? Just the best damn private driver service ever created. They’ve blown up in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, L.A., Seattle, Philly, Toronto, DC, Paris and New York. Starting today, they’re here in San Diego. That’s Tony Hawk getting an Uber this morning, their first San Diego rider. His tweet:

They just launched their “super secret stealth test mode” campaign. I will literally never take a cab in this city again, ever. You download the Uber app, it picks up your GPS, you hit a button for a driver, they show up in minutes, and when you get to your destination, it pays automatically from your credit card on file. Biggest no-brainer ever. Love it. Via Uber:

San Diego is a unique market (70 miles of coastline!), so we’re going to be tweaking our pricing, fleet, and placement over the next few weeks.

We’re hiring a General Manager to lead the San Diego market, an analytical Operations Manager to run the supply and partnerships, and a fiery Community Manager to rock marketing, social media, and support. Let us know if you know the perfect person for the job and if we hire you’re intro we’ve got some free Uber credits coming your way!

Remember, while we’re in “research mode,” you can request a car, but be aware that availability will be limited until our official launch.

So fired up for this service… total game changer here in San Diego.


[via Uber Blog]

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