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How sick is this Instagram camera? Hipsters and techies alike would buy this camera so fast it’d make your head spin. Part digital camera, part Polaroid, part post-it note, part app? Get outta here. If you don’t know why this is awesome, you don’t know that the camera is a functional replica of the Instagram app logo, made famous first by Paulina Gretzky, and second, by Facebook buying them for a billion freaking dollars. You can’t buy one of these cameras yet because it’s only a concept from Antonio De Rosa, but I’ll post all the details from his site below if you’re curious.


adr studio – Try to think to pick the Instagram App icon and try to make a real camera…

This is the main idea at the base of Instagram Socialmatic Project.

Since Facebook has bought Instagram for nearly a billion dollars in cash and stock, many users, bloggers, economy experts have thought Instagram could build its first real photo camera.

So, that’s is!

Socialmatic is the first Instagram photo camera, with a lot of amazing features:

– 16 GB mass storage;
– Wifi and Bluetooth;
– 4:3 touchscreen;
– 2 main lens, first for main capture, second for 3D filters, webcam applications and QR Code capturing;
– Optical zoom;
– Led Flash;
– Internal printer to make your Instagram photos real;
– Paper cartridge with Instagram Paper Sheets;
– Dedicated 4 colors ink tanks;
– InstaOs 1.0, which put together Facebook and Instagram App feature;

Take your shoot with Instagram Socialmatic, make your photo cool as you want and share it directly on Facebook trough the powerful InstaOs.

If you want, you can print it directly on Instagram Paper Sheets, thanks to the internal printer.
Every Instagram printed photo reports on front side your Instagram nickname and a QR code, to be followed by another Instagrammer, simply pointing his/her Socialmatic on your printed QR Code.

This because Instagram Paper Sheets has a retro side with a glue strip, just like a post-it.
You can share in the real world your photo, printing your emotions and sensations.

And if you want, on the bottom of front side of your printed photo, you’ve a dedicated space to write something, just like to comment a photo on Facebook, but in the real world…Do you remember the old Polaroid photos?

Instagram Socialmatic is only a concept…
But, maybe, it could became real…

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