FREE Room in PB!! What is This Craigslist Dude Asking For?

Domestic services, huh? So, LT just sent me this San Diego Craigslist link:

I am looking for a fun, energetic and responsible person to provide domestic services (cook, massage and clean) in exchange for a private bedroom with attached bathroom in a nice 3 bedroom house in Pacific Beach. I am a 32 year old guy who travels often for work, so I am usually gone half of the month. Thus you’d have the house to yourself much of the time. If this type of barter arrangement interests you, please email me with some info about yourself (including a pic) and tell me why you’d be good for this type of arrangement. I will attach a few pics of my house from right before I moved in.

Let’s cut through the crap here, dude. What are you asking for? What do you want in exchange for this free room in PB? A live-in chef? A live-in masseuse? A live-in maid? A live-in hooker? What? “…tell me why you’d be good for this type of arrangement” is one of the best lines I’ve even seen penned. Nice work, dude. Little advice for you though, if somebody responds to this ad… it’s an undercover cop.


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