(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

What a great photo. Iverson doing the Hulkamania call with the ‘practice‘ sign in the background. Literally felt like A.I. won the game for the Sixers last night. Unreal. Celtics laid an egg. 75 points on a game to close out the series? Pathetic. Game 7, here we come. I have zero reason to cheer for the Sixers other than hating the Celtics… so go Sixers.

Two things. First, I know we’ve dealt with it here in San Diego with LT. We all call LaDainian Tomlinson “LT”. New Yorkers flip out because Lawrence Taylor is the real LT. I get the frustration, but whatever. How can Philly call Andre Iguodala A.I.? I mean, it’s the same team. That’s dumb. There’s only one AI and that’s Iverson. Second, it’s really weird to see a professional athlete, past or present, wearing another dude’s jersey…even if it is a sweet Lou Williams Mitchell & Ness throwback. Then again, I guess it would’ve been even weirder if he showed up wearing his own jersey.


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