That’s a HUUUUUUUGE Fish!

I certainly don’t claim to be a sports fisherman, but I know a huge ass fish when I see it… or Bluefin tuna… whatever. Here’s the story on this sucker via UT-SD.

The International Game Fish Association reports that a giant Pacific bluefin tuna caught back in February is being considered for a line-class, world record for 80-pound test line.

New Zealand angler Nathan Adams caught what could be an IGFA line-class, world-record bluefin tuna while fishing off his country’s coast back in February.

Adams was trolling a rigged skipjack tuna off the coast of Houhora, New Zealand on Feb. 17 when he hooked the giant Pacific bluefin tuna. He fought it for 40 minutes before the crew on the Western Break landed it. It weighed 739 pounds, 6 ounces and will break the existing line-class world record for 80-pound test by 200 pounds.

The tuna measured 8 feet long, an even more impressive catch considering the Western Break sport boat is only 21½ feet long.

If that stands… that’s how you break a freaking record. Oh, your fish weighed just over 500 pounds? That’s cute. Mine’s over 700. Let that simmer on your frying pan for a hot minute. Record crush job. Tuna for days.


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