Enema of State Girl: Then and Now

Wow, how ’bout the old Blink-182 album cover chick? Enema of the State. Nobody put together bad sexual puns as album titles like Blink. Remember Take off your pants and jacket?  I remember it was a big deal in high school that she was some porn star or something. All the kids just freaking out about that. Her name is Janine Lindemulder and apparently that’s a recent mugshot of her? Dunno. It’s on imgur, lobbed by Johnny, I don’t know the back story. I do know that she’s got some new tats…of the neck fashion. 

Freaking Blink… talk about a San Diego success story. I, like many SoCal kids, remember seeing them before they were big…before I could even drive. They were so awesome in concert. Cheshire Cat was one of the defining albums of my youth. I love on their wiki page how it says “the band’s first goal was to headline SOMA.” Talk about shattering your goals. Awesome.


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