Who’s Buying the Padres? Phil Mickelson or Tony Gwynn?

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I guess we can thank Magic Johnson for this… every ownership group grabbing local famous athletes to headline their group. Phil Mickelson has teamed up with O’Malley’s group to buy the Padres. The UT has the article and if you’re like me, you’ll want to stop reading two lines after this gem: “Jackets notwithstanding, Lefty has plenty of green.” That kind of writing makes me want to puke. So, I’ll give you the highlight:

“I’ve had the opportunity to invest in other sports franchises, and I’ve turned it down in the past,” Mickelson said Monday morning. “This was a unique opportunity with families that had done this before and know how to do it right and want to get involved in the community.”

Then you’ve got Gwynn, Mr. Padre, who joined movie producer Thomas Tull’s ownership group in a bid to buy. Kinda fun having Lefty and T. Gwynn going head to head.  You know who I want? Whichever owner has more middle-finger money. Who cares which one it is…just give me the richest mofo that knows how to spend some money. As for Phil and Gwynn, I seriously doubt either one of them give a crap if they own the team. The pitch probably went down like this to both of them… O’Malley & Tull: “We’ll use your name, you smile and nod, and we’ll guarantee you xx% return on your investment. Zero risk. What do you say?” Phil and Gwynn: “You just tell me where to sign, bud.


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