There ya have it. That’s the evidence out there that the NBA Draft is rigged just because the NBA owned Hornets won the Anthony Davis sweepstakes. I think David Stern is a dirtbag just as much as the next guy, but do you know how many people would have to be involved if this thing was rigged? At least two… so can everybody just shut the hell up about it because you sound like idiots when you make blanket statements about how corrupt the NBA is. Stop sounding like idiots. Sure, the refs suck sometimes, and probably have ulterior motives (Tim Donaghy).. and they determine the outcome of games… I believe that. But the draft? It wasn’t rigged… the Hornets got lucky. Stop sounding like idiots. Cue everybody: “You’re so naive, BP! You’re the idiot!” Stop sounding like idiots.


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