San Diego’s Newest Celebrity… SNIGDHA!

Ya damn right she’s looking down on you. She’s 14 and already smarter than you or I will ever be. Snigdha!!! Repping San Diego like a freaking boss. Domination on the National level last night to win the Spelling Bee. So awesome. Nobody… including myself, could spell her name correctly on twitter last night. Was fantastic. Singda. Snigda. Singdah. Snigdah. All wrong. Love it. There’s something to be said for someone whose name is Snigdha Nandipati. Had to learn how spell crazy words nobody’s ever seen or heard of since day 1. Congrats on the victory.

Who says San Diego can win a major championship? If I’m the Padres or the Chargers… I’m hiring this chick. No job title… she just has to hang around the team… talk to them. Smart just seeps out of her pores. It’s impossible for them to not get smarter just being around her. That can only help in producing more wins. Right?


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