A USC WR Survived a Bite by a Brown Recluse Spider

espn – USC receiver George Farmer was bitten on his arm by a brown recluse spider last month near his L.A. home and had to have his arm scraped this week to remove all remnants of the bite, sources close to the player told ESPNLosAngeles.com. He is expected to be OK.

Brown recluse spider bites are known for being especially fierce and potentially fatal, although the majority can be treated without much incident. A USC spokesperson confirmed the incident, adding that Farmer should be able to complete in football activities in one to two weeks after being treated by university doctors.

Farmer, 18, is a talented sophomore wideout for the Trojans who spent much of his freshman season at running back. He has been bothered by various nagging injuries during his year with the program, including in the spring of 2012, when a hamstring injury caused him to sit out of almost all of the practice sessions.

Brown recluse spider bites are known to take some time before causing any pain, but they can also have deadly consequences if left untreated.

Consequences if left untreated? Consequences if left untreated? CONSEQUENCES IF LEFT UNTREATED? You wanna see consequences? Here’s a consequence.

If you were wondering what your breakfast would taste like on the way back up… you’re welcome. That’s a consequence of an untreated brown recluse spider bite. Well, snopes says the origin of the photos is undetermined, but that’s the image that haunts my dreams. Literally my worst nightmare is to run into one of these effers. I’ve gone on record with my story about the Black Mamba and why nothing in the world scares me more than those snakes. The brown recluse spider is a close second. I don’t even like USC, but I wish Mr. Farmer the best of luck in his recovery. He’s lucky to be alive.


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