How ’bout them Kings?

This is brilliant. LA Kings are playing New Jersey Devils for the Stanley Cup… naturally, LA fans should make gigantic Jersey Shore heads to hover over the Devils bench. Tell ya what too… “The Show” can now check NHL off their list of fan bases they have directly influenced. Love it.

You guys know I’m not a hockey guy, but holy crap… the Kings are just embarrassing the hell outta the Devils. (see what I did there?) They’re up 3-0. Come again? 3-0? Geez. Have some respect for yourselves, Jersey. I know this is a very non-hockey-fan view point… but I always felt like any city where it actually gets cold…and ya know, snows… should be humiliated if they’re getting beat up by a warm weather team. I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense, because I’m sure the Kings are full of Canadians and East Coast frozeners…but the thought of a team from sunny SoCal being the absolute best team in North America at a game that’s played on ice… is funny to me. Yes, that was a run-on sentence.

Good work, Kings. Way to represent SoCal. We’ve had lobsters supporting you all along the way. Keep kicking ass… one more game before you embrace glory. Get after it.


[pic via @si_vault]

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