Logan Forsythe’s Ridiculous Play You Couldn’t Even Make in a Video Game

Unbelievable….and he had his first MLB home run to boot. Hey, when your team sucks as bad as the Padres do… you devote entire posts to one incredible play. In addition to the twitter reactions they posted from MLB writers, I loved what our friends over at Gaslamp Ball had to say about the play:

To be fair I’ve seen Orlando Hudson make similar stops but then he’d just lay on the grass. When he’d eventually get to his feet he’d take a moment to adjust his uniform and brush the grass off his knees. Then he’d throw the ball into the stands to a fan before the end of the inning. Like I say, similar but not quite as good.

Ha! Hahaha. Brilliant. Good times. Nice play, Logan.


[gif via Baseball Nation]

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