I Wonder What Made This Dude Flip Out?

YouTube Preview Image

Saw this on some news stations yesterday… always with the volume muted. Watching the youtube clip doesn’t help much either, mentions neo-nazis, and it’s not in English. But we can draw a few conclusions from this. Even when chicks deserve to be punched in the face… it needs to be by another chick, so this dude is a coward. However, after watching him try to punch that little toad in the white… there’s a decent chance he actually thinks he’s a woman…because she sure as hell fights like one. So, in his mind… this could be a no harm, no foul situation.  I need a translation of what the hell went down…and what set this Greek psycho off… then we can really get to the bottom of it.

Aside: If by chance you think I actually care about what he said… I don’t. Good talk, Russ.


[lobbed by greanthumb]

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