What Conspiracy? Clean Fight. You’re All Idiots

(Chris Carlson/Associated Press)

What’s all fuss about? Am I the only one that watched this fight?*

Absolute beat down by Michael Bradley… I mean his abs could’ve beat Pacquiao.

Yup. Those are the abs that beat Manny Pacquiao. Looks like he has a family of six small animals living under his skin. With abs like that… of course he’s gonna win. It’s not like the scorecard showed Pacquiao should’ve have won… it’s not like Bradley did an appearance after the fight in a wheelchair… it’s not like the rematch for this fight already had a promo poster and date before the first fight even happened.

Boxing is clean, America. Don’t be stupid.


*I did NOT watch this fight.

[abs pic via Andy Gray, the rest via google images]

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