The Brew Crew Wins At Life Again… 80s Style

The Brew Crew has done it again… their cowboy road trip was awesome… but this may take the cake. Headed over to KC to take on the Royals…they did this. Nothing better than getting a bunch of rich dudes that play a kids game for a living and telling them to dress up from the 80s. Love it. Tons of themes too. Magnum PI’s, metal bands, throwback hoops, hip-hop, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, some tennis action, Miami Vice, neon, Blues Brothers… there are just so many ways to go. These photos were sent to me by lobster Daniel on twitter. Have fun figuring out who’s who. I spy Nyjer Morgan, Manny Parra, Kameron Loe, John Axford, Rickie Weeks… and some dudes I don’t recognize.


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