Mike Trout’s Reaction to His Catch Might Actually be Better Than the Catch


My fear is that some of you may not have seen this. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe this catch by Mike Trout. Kid is twenty years old and he can rake, too. Unbelievable. I knew once this Angels season got underway, nobody would be talking about Pujols and CJ Wilson… only Trout and Trumbo. Knew it.

It may sound like blasphemy to say his reaction might be better than the actual catch….but I just love it so much. He’s got that look of pure joy and you know he’s thinking, “Holy shit, did that just happen!? HELL YES! Woooooooooooh! ” Chest thump!

Look at him. Have you ever been that impressed with anything that you did? He’s in awe of himself. Not in a cocky way. Rather, in the same way that I am… in a “did that really just happen?” way. I love it. Love this kid.

I wonder if the Padres know he’s not Jered Weaver yet?


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