Want a 20-Year-Old, Three-Person Submarine That’s Never Been in Water? — Only $22 Grand

This has got to be one of my all-time favorite craigslist ads. Click to enlarge. Contains layers of awesome. I sent it over to Body and asked him his thoughts. Enjoy. – bp

A “sumbarine” huh? So you’re telling me that for just $22k, me and 2 of my closest buddies can get into this Sport Sub III and explore the depths of the ocean?  Not a chance.  Not even one.  You couldn’t pay me $22k to get in this thing.  I believe the warning stickers list the operational age as “6 years and up.”  It looks like one of those piss-covered-bacteria-trap rides you see in front of the local K-Mart that, for $.25, you can put your kid inside to rock back and forth. You know the one.

Little FYI to the seller of this gem…this isn’t a pair of shoes, the fact that it has never been used, is NOT a good selling point.


[lobbed by Jonesy]


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