Bryce Harper’s Custom Mercedes Is Something to Behold

Yes, this is Bryce Harper’s custom Mercedes CLS 63 AMG. Prepare yourselves…

I know you lobsters think you can read my mind. “Serious with this custom Benz?! What a douchebag! Bryce Harper, that’s a clown car, bro.” If that’s what you thought I’d write, you’re wrong. I actually love this move by Bryce. Why? Because if I was 19 years old, and I was a multi-millionaire kicking ass on a Major League Baseball team… this is probably exactly what I would do. Different car, sure… but something like it. Is it ridiculous? Yes, of course. BAM 34? “BH” in the floor mats? A Nationals “W” instead of the Mercedes logo? “HARPER” in the trunk with custom bats? All of it is over the top… super aggressive. But what’d you expect? Be larger than life, Bryce. It works for you.

I believe scripture to be true… just never thought it’d be so true in this case. Every one of his trunk bats says “Luke 1:37” on them. That’s a Bible verse that goes like this, “For nothing is impossible with God.” A lot of baseball fans probably didn’t think Bryce could be more over the top, and boom, one custom Benz later… they’re proved wrong… proving scripture right: “nothing is impossible.”


[lobbed by LT via Crossing Broad and Pro Motor Sports]

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