Magic Johnson is Trying to Run Bynum Out of LA

Woah. That’s what Magic Johnson just tweeted. It says “Dwight Howard would be the final piece to make the Lakers a championship team for a long time.” It reads, “Andrew Bynum is a lazy, childish piece of crap and I want him out of LA for Howard.” Wow. Message sent, Magic… loud and freaking clear. I know that Magic isn’t technically employed by the Lakers anymore, but the dude is the face of the franchise… hell, the face of Los Angeles. You don’t think his opinion means something in the front office? Wow. Maybe I’m overreacting to this… but good grief, if that’s not a swift kick in the ass to Bynum… I don’t know what is.

Side note… he also just stated that Steve Nash to the Lakers is NOT enough to win a championship. Mind games by Magic? Just trying to light a fire under everyone’s ass? We’ll see.


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