You’re Looking At The New World Champion

If you have a few minutes, watch this interview.  Well worth it.  Never seen this guy fight, and until about 24 hours ago, I had no clue who he was.  But I absolutely fell in love.  Chael Sonnen – such a character.  Instantly my new favorite fighter.

I consider myself to be a very casual UFC fan.  I’ll check out some of the bigger fights if Caster, Foreskin, Mac, C-Rich, or Sanch decide to get the fight and have everyone over for some beers.  I’ll even occasionally hit up a local bar (as long as it’s not Millers) for a good fight-night.   I had no intention of watching this fight before seeing the interview.  Now I need to watch it.  Even if Anderson Silva wins, you know it is going to be intense.  You can’t come out with that much confidence (#1 tool in your toolbox) without backing it up.  The guy sounds pissed.  “I’m in shape, I’m ornery, I wake up mad, I get meaner as the day goes on, I’m going to get in to a fight the second they allow me, I’m going to take my fist and run it in to his face.” 

And with salad like that, how can you not like him.  Game recognize game. 


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