If Huston Street Doesn’t Get the Loss in the All Star Game, It’s a Win for San Diego

I know that’s depressing to say… but I think it’s true. I really like Huston Street, and although I didn’t agree with him being picked as the Padres all-star…if he can get out of this game tonight without taking the loss for National League team… it’s a success. What if he gives up a bunch of runs? Who cares. The last two Padres closers to be all-stars, Trevor Hoffman and Heath Bell, have both taken the “L” for the NL team. So, if Huston can dodge that bullet… it should be all smiles in San Diego.

Trevor played in the All Star game 7 times and posted a 8.53 ERA over all those games. He took the loss in 2006 for the NL. The only appearance he didn’t give up a hit was in 2000 when he only faced one batter. Heater has played in the All Star game three times. He took the loss in 2009. He had an almost equally impressive ERA of 6.75 going into the game in 2011, when he did this.

I loved the move…. but pretty cocky for a dude that took the loss in 50% of his all-star appearances prior to that game. Other Padres pitchers in recent memory come to mind? Yep… one of my all time favorite dudes, C.Y. – Chris Young… was an all-star for the Padres in 2007. This is gonna come as a shock to you… but he took the Loss for the National League team. So, like I said… if San Diego doesn’t get the loss tonight… we get the win. You can do this, Huston… I know you can.


(oh, and because I know you’re wondering… no, Jake Peavy did NOT take the loss in his two appearances in the all-star game as a Padre. see? it can be done.)

[huston screengrab via @cjzero, bell via gif.mocksession.com]

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