Yes, Paulina Gretzky is Still Hot

There’s our girl Paulina. She posted more photos on instagram and twitter over the weekend. Turns out she’s still looking absolutely ridiculous. Shocking. She’s on the set of Adam Sandler’s next movie, Grown Ups 2. (That part actually is a bit shocking.) She’s with another gorgeous girl named Kimberly Howe, who happens to be a MLS “Rev Girl“. Here they are with some of the other cast mates cliff jumping.

I can’t help but wonder how many dudes saw that last picture of her… and wished she hadn’t cropped that bottom-right photo of them getting ready to jump. I’d take the over on one billion.


[lobbed by everyone of you sick bastards, and yes… the dude in the top photo, in the middle, is Peter Dante, the dude who retweeted me earlier today, and has also been in every Adam Sandler movie since the beginning of time.]

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