Amazing Shark Video of a Cute Girl Fishing Off a Dock

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I love this video. Nothing is more exhilarating and terrifying than watching a shark come outta no where. The whole thing is awesome, but if you’ve got A.D.D., just skip to the :38 second mark… then wait for the cursing that ensues. To be honest… they probably under-reacted to this.

Go back and watch it again… it gets better every time. Tune everything out and listen to this chick. “It’s a shahk! It’s a shahk! A shahk! It’s a big-ass shahk!”  I love it. Freaking out and rightfully so… then her dude chimes in. “It’s on your pole, baby… KEEP REELIN’!” You’re kidding, right dude? Keep reelin’? The hell is wrong with you?  Can’t stop laughing. Now, not to be a creep or anything, but I contest that this Sarah Brame girl who posted the video is probably pretty cute. I know nothing about her… and certainly her cuteness does not define who she is as a person, and I love her even if she looks like a troll. Buuuut, and it’s tough to tell with the limited footage, but one of my creepy assistants (read: me) got a bunch of screenshots. You be the judge. I think she’s the real catch in this video.


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