San Diego Kids Throw Huge Party in a Vacant House – Get Busted by Cops – And Tweet About It

SAN DIEGOA loud party held in a vacant house in Bay Park was broken up by police late Tuesday night. Neighbors called authorities around 10:30 p.m. and reported seeing under aged kids drinking and could hear loud music in the 2800 block of Chicago Street.

When police arrived they found a large group of party goers and detained 30 juveniles and 20 people between the ages of 18-21. Those 18 and over were given a breathalyzer test and if they passed, they were sent on their way, according to police. Officers held the 30 juveniles until a parent or guardian was contacted. They were then released from police custody when that person showed up to the scene. According to those attending the party, the information about the location was first posted on a social media site and then posted to Twitter. A mass text message soon followed. As of now no one has been arrested, but as police continue to sort out the details they said citations or arrests may follow.

The local kids are getting ballsy, aren’t they? That’s a serious stunt for a Tuesday night. Not even trying to be subtle about it either. The older lobsters would reference Kid ‘n Play here… my friends would drop a Can’t Hardly Wait reference, but I’m guessing the inspiration for this one came from Project X.

Got me to thinking… I bet these punks tweeted all about it. I was right. It’s ALL OVER twitter. These kids, no offense – I know you’re reading, are morons. Their parents, if this is possible… are bigger morons. Zero clue what their kids are up to. So, what you’re about to see are screenshots, littered with profanity and slang, of three different twitter timelines of kids that were at this party. They don’t deserve it… but I decided not to ruin their lives further… so I blacked out names and their avatars. Twitter is public, guys. Whatever you say on twitter can and will be used against you in a court of law. I’m not in the business of ratting kids out… I’m in the business of pointing out how kids think they can get away with anything, and with parents that dumb… it appears they can.

You’ll have to start from the bottom of each of these screengrabs, and work your way up. A lot of them are conversations, so they’re hard to follow, but you get the point.

That’s one timeline. Here’s another. Again, start from the bottom up.

Bragging about all the news coverage. Clairemont goes hard.  One more timeline…

That’s only three twitter timelines… there are dozens. Tons of underage boozing and pot smoking. Pictures too. What if local news tried digging just a tiny bit to find out the real story about the news they report?


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