We WERE… Penn State!

Can’t help but feel bad for the current players, but something had to be done to this program. And done it was. NCAA president Mark Emmert announced the following major sanctions against Penn State this morning:

– A $60 million fine that will be used to create an endowment endowment to “serve the victims of childhood sexual abuse.”
– Four-year postseason ban for football.
– Initial scholarships reduced from 25 to 15 for four years, total scholarships reduced from 85 to 65. Additionally, players in the program can transfer without sitting out a year.
– All Penn State wins from 1998-2011 vacated
– Five years of probation.

The whole vacated wins thing? That’s a big deal to the Paterno family. Joe Paterno went from first place in all-time wins with 409…to 298 wins, 12th all-time. I expect the Paterno family to deny this somehow and launch an investigation into how Joe Pa magically won more than 409 games during his coaching tenure.

If you missed it, that’s the statue of Joe Pa being taken down over the weekend. A chilling image. Art imitating life, I guess. That statue finger held high as it’s taken away… prideful to the grave… just like Joe Pa was.


[flag image via @bustedcoverage, statue image via @MMisciagno]

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