Banksy’s Take on the Olympics in London

I love Banksy. I remember flipping the freak out when his work showed up here in San Diego (*see update below*). Banksy is from England. As there is in all of his brilliant artwork, the social commentary here runs deep. I will let you lobsters figure out what it means to you…

Would love to get in the mind of Banksy. There he is, just was walking by a giant wall in front of a busted up chain link fence with a beat-up, disgusting mattress on the ground… “I know, pole vault.” Okay? Brilliant.

Also of note, in case you forgot, do NOT mess with spraypaint artists… and on the off chance you don’t remember Banksy’s San Diego appearance, here it is: **update** – lobsters clued me in that this was not Banksy… news to me. Still cool…


[from, via Buzzfeed]

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