Got Me Some New Gear… Lob Country!

My “Lob Country” shirt came in the mail. I freaking love it. Buttery soft and wonderful on my skin. I’ve been taking some serious accusations because of  these Lob Country shirts. You see, within minutes of this first post unveiling these t-shirts to the world, Blake Griffin went down and was immediately removed from Team USA. As a key member of Lob City, and the play on words for the Lob Country t-shirts… that was somehow my fault. Well, you’re right… it was. I jinxed the team. My bust.

Whatever though… like they aren’t a team full of lobbers anyway. CP3, Melo, Bron, Durant, Westbrook, Kobe, Iguodala… Lob Freaking Country.

Also got some new hats… of the vintage persuasion. I think that old Angels hat with a halo on top and the Expos hat will both look glorious with my Lob Country shirt. (Yes, I see the irony in wearing an extinct Canadian baseball team with a Team USA basketball shirt, shutup.) As always, buy your Lob Country here.


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